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John's 360° Coatings

Speed Coat

Speed Coat


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16oz— John’s 360° Coatings® Speed Coat is a ceramic spray sealant that provides excellent protection with a glossy, hydrophobic finish on paint, metal, glass and plastic surfaces for 4-6 months per application. One bottle will coat 6-8 full sized vehicles.

Application Instructions


The Aeroshell Aerobatic Team loves the coating that John's 360° put on their airplanes. If it can keep their airplanes clean, it is some revolutionary stuff!

"I have a 2018 mustang and the finish on it after using your product often gets mistaken for being wet. It is like glass and super smooth. Thank you for everything."


"The correction compound and the ceramic coating will make your paint shine like never before. If it gets a little dirty, the waterless car wash and Speed Coat make quick work of cleaning it up."


  • Automotive detailing
  • Aerospace detailing
  • Marine detailing

  • John’s 360° Coatings TOP SELLER
  • Spray protective coating for cars, boats and planes that lasts up to 6 months
  • Easy to apply
  • Use on exterior and interior of your vehicle

Also Great For:
  • ATVs and side by sides
  • Bicycles
  • Shower surrounds or any solid surface that needs protection

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