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John's 360 Coatings John Mosley Nano Ceramic CoatingI am John E. Mosley, founder of John’s 360° Coatings. I was born into a body shop family and painted my first car when I was sixteen. I have always loved painting and take pride in doing good refinish work. For years, I have wished there was a coating on the market that actually held up for an extended period of time. I have tried dozens of waxes, polishes, and sealants and have never been truly satisfied with the results.

Last year, I decided to hire a group of chemists with extensive experience working with polymers, resins, and a ceramic substance created by breakthroughs in nanotechnology. My objective was to create a superior coating that could withstand harsh environments and strong chemicals.

On an automobile, the coating would need to withstand sunlight, acid rain, bugs, tar, and the fine grit put airborne by the tires of all the vehicles on the road. On marine craft, it would need to withstand the abrasion of saltwater and scrubbing or buffing to remove stains left by freshwater. On a WW2-era, round-engine airplane, the coating would need to withstand both the constant engine oil emitted from the exhaust and the thin smoke oil residue sprayed down the side when pilots heed the call, “Smoke On.”

After many tests and adjustments to the formulas, John’s 360° Coatings is proud to announce a product we believe will revolutionize coatings. Our nano ceramic coating comes in two parts that, when mixed in equal amounts, create a chemical bond that latches onto the surface as the coating cures. The surface you apply the coating to will be protected like never before.

John's 360 Coatings Products Nano Ceramic Coating

As I worked with the chemists to develop the nano ceramic coating two-part system, I also worked hard to develop other products to support the individual needs of surfaces including clay mitts, polishing compounds, soaps, degreaser, water spot remover, waterproofing agents, and a one-step ceramic-infused sealant that enables you to quickly and easily clean your vehicle, plane, or boat. This sealant leaves your finish glossy and is an excellent way to maintain the ceramic two-part coating. Bugs and debris will simply wipe off.

I am confident you will be pleased with our products. We back this belief up with a money-back guarantee.

As our company grows, we promise to never sell you products we don’t believe in. If a product doesn’t perform, it won’t be in our family of products. As the owner of a collision repair business, I have fought the largest insurance companies in the world to be able to make proper repairs on our customers’ vehicles. My commitment to quality is never failing and will be evident in the products we offer you. I promise we will continually experiment and seek out the best materials and processes so that we can bring you effective, affordable products to take care of your property. Thank you for trusting us and trying our products.