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John's 360° Coatings

Mint Ceramic Waterless Carwash

Mint Ceramic Waterless Carwash
for automotive, aerospace and marine vehicles


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16oz — John’s 360° Coatings® Mint Ceramic Waterless Car Wash spray is an advance ceramic waterless car wash spray, paint sealant, clay lubricant and detailer. This multipurpose product is easy to use: simply spray on, rub in and wipe off! This is an essential product to add to your auto, aircraft or boat detailing supplies. It quickly cleans, polishes, and protects — with the fresh scent of spearmint! The soaps and liquefying agents in the formula safely dissolve dirt and grime on contact, and, unlike other waterless car wash products, the SiO2 ceramic coating in our new formula creates a water-beading effect and shine that lasts up to 45 days. Application Instructions Uses:
  • Automotive detailing
  • Aerospace detailing
  • Marine detailing
  • Up to 45 days of lasting protection and shine
  • Easy to apply — a staple in auto, aircraft and boat detailing supplies
  • Quick results
Also Great For:
  • ATVs and side by sides
  • bicycles
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