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John's 360° Coatings

PRO Bundle

PRO Bundle
for automotive, aerospace and marine vehicles


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The John’s 360° Coatings® PRO Bundle includes everything you need to clean and protect your vehicle. The PRO bundle includes The Avenger 2-part activated ceramic coating as well as 16oz bottles of our Speed Coat, Waterless Car Wash, Decon Spray, Metal X, Water Spot Remover, Correction Compound, and a Clay Mitt. Each product serves a purpose from a protective coating for car paint to a wax remover and degreaser. The superior automotive, marine and aerospace coatings in this bundle offer the ULTIMATE PROTECTION. John’s 360° products are formulated to complement and enhance each other — so when you purchase the John’s 360° PRO Bundle you’ll save 20% compared to buying bundled products individually.

Application Instructions


  • Automotive detailing
  • Aircraft detailing
  • Marine detailing


    • John’s 360° Coatings TOP SELLER
    • Ultimate protection for your vehicle for up to 2 years
    • Everything needed for prep, application and finishing touches is included
    • Includes multiple applications — based on the size of vehicle they are treating


    Personal service. Relentless dedication to quality. Your happiness, or your money back.


This stuff is awesome. The compound is truly the best. 2000 to 3000 then buff with wool pad then black foam pad then apply the ceramic spray comes out flawless. -Brandon