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John's 360° Coatings

I purchased the speedcoat spray at cruising the coast this year and am completely amazed at how this stuff works. I have a 2018 mustang and the finish on it after using your product often gets mistaken for being wet. It is like glass and super smooth. Thank you for everything.


Automotive, Aviation, or Marine. The products are excellent!!


John's 360° CoatingsI used John’s 360° Coatings The Avenger 2 Part Ceramic Coating on my 2010 Camaro SS (8 yrs old), and you can see the results for yourself. The depth of reflection and shine is incredible.

This is a car that is a daily driver and always sits outside in the driveway. I have tried to keep it clean, but I was failing. Thanks to John’s 360° it looks better than brand new! And now it is easy to keep clean with a microfiber towel. I understand I can use the Speed Coat Ceramic Spray Sealant to extend the life of this coating to years, and I plan to do that.

You do have to clean your car first, and buff/polish out what you can before sealing it. I also used the John’s 360° window spot remover/cleaner to remove the acid rain/water spots from the windows and sun roof. I sealed the outside paint, chrome, glass, and rubber and plastic trims and grills as well as the interior plastics, chromes, and trims with about 1 ounce, which was half of the kit. It goes far.

Amazing!! See if you can find three rubber chickens in this photo. Amazing!!!

-Bryan, 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

This stuff is awesome. The compound is truly the best. 2000 to 3000 then buff with wool pad then black foam pad then apply the ceramic spray comes out flawless.


Great products! Great people! You will not be disappointed!


Five star product and team!


John’s products can be trusted.


John's 360° CoatingsI used John’s products to clean up my daily driver and the results are great! The Colorado sun burns water spots and clouds the aged single stage paint in weeks. I used John’s Correction Compound to revive the color and it cleared up the paint with ease. I followed it up with his 2 part ceramic coating. This was a very simple process to apply and it shines better than ever.

-James Hagan