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Why should you invest in multi-surface products?

If you’ve spent any time in the autobody or aircraft detailing industry, you know how fast your list of to-do’s on one vehicle can add up. While every vehicle is unique and requires its own care plan — and even specialty products for maintenance — you can still do one thing to streamline the process. Find and use multi-surface products.

Here are the top three reasons you should invest in multi-surface products: 

The more products you add to your detailing kit the bigger the price tag. Tire cleaner and conditioner, window cleaner and water-resistant sealant, painted cleaner and sealants, carbon-fiber friendly degreasers and conditioners — the list goes on and the costs add up.

Multi-purpose and multi-surface products like Waterless Carwash, Super Blue Speed Coat and The Avenger can bring that list down to just a few products that you can use on your entire vehicle. So you can get more value out of each product you use — in addition to saving time. 

More efficient
Multi-surface products help you get the job done faster — saving you time. Without having to switch between products or needing to wait-out curing times for sealants on different materials, you can get more done at once. 
Ceramic coatings traditionally had been exclusive to one type of surface. Matte, painted and polished each required their own formula with their own application and curing period.

The Avenger was formulated with efficiency and effectiveness in mind. This nano-ceramic coating can be used on all finish types so that the vehicle be completed in one application and curing period.

Fewer mistakes
When a product can be used on the entire vehicle you can worry less. You don’t have to stress about getting Super Blue Speed Coat on leather seats when you’re detailing the interior dash — because it protects leather too. Waterless Car Wash won’t leave streaks on your windows because it is made to clean the entire car — not just the painted body.

Multi-surface products let you work with ease and peace-of-mind making the entire process more enjoyable and satisfying.