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3 Things to do NOW to Prep Your Vehicle for Spring

Thankfully, spring is just around the corner. We know winter is tough on the surface of our vehicles — salt, sand and other de-icers really take their tole, as well as cooler temperatures dulling rubber and plastic trim. So give your vehicle a little TLC to get them fresh and shiny for Spring. 
1. Deep clean the exterior of your vehicle. 
If you live anywhere that gets snow or ice buildup on the roads — you know all too well the damage that can be done to your vehicle’s body, wheels, and even your frame. Gently remove these surface irritants with a foaming soap and a microfiber cloth. This is also a great thing to do for any motorcycles or boat trailers that have been on the road or even in storage during the winter months. Easily maintain this clean with Ceramic Waterless Carwash. 
2. Refresh your tires! 
Dull and grey tires are almost a guarantee at the end of winter. It could be a good time to replace or swap to warmer climate tires as the season warms up. If you’re happy with your tire choice — freshen them up with an enriching tire gel to moisturize the material and bring them back to life in time for spring!
3. Protect your vehicle.
When the season changes it’s time to assess your coating needs. Are you due for a full nano-ceramic coating? Or with touch-ups with a spray ceramic sealant do the job? It’s important to ensure you’re maintaining a quality surface protectant with UV to keep your paint bright and bold. 
We’re sure looking forward to the change of the season — it’s the time of year where so many classics get out of the garage and decorate the streets! For more information and products for your vehicle check out our full line of products.