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John's 360° Coatings

Ask The Founder: John’s 360º Coatings Q & A

We asked our followers to submit questions for John’s 360º Coatings founder, John Mosley. John has answered the top questions to share a little more about John’s 360º Coatings products, uses, and how the Avenger came to be. Q: What is the difference between ceramic coatings and a good wax?... continue reading

Labor of Love: Julie Vessigault’s Approach to Aircraft Detailing

Meet Julie If you’re a fan of warbirds, chances are you’ve seen the work of Julie Vessigault. She’s a professional aircraft detailer who’s been in the industry for many years. She has specialized in warbirds since 2015 when she joined the team at Warbird Adventures in Kissimmee, Florida. She takes a careful... continue reading

EAA Award Winners Trust John’s 360º Coatings

We’re proud to be the choice ceramic coating of award winning aircraft owners. We’d like to congratulate some of our customers and friends on their awards from Oshkosh 2019. Congrats to Scott Glover and Mid America Flight Museum on their Antique Transport Award  with the 1936 Stinson 6000A tri-motor. This... continue reading

Why Traditional Car Wax Just Doesn’t Cut It

It’s time to throw out your car wax. We’ve had it ingrained in us by parents, car-buffs, body shops and even Mr. Miyagi — to care for your car is to spend hours every couple months waxing it.Technology has evolved to offer a much better alternative to regular waxing, and... continue reading

UV Protection for Your Vehicles

The sun can be scorching this time of year. You know you need to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun, but did you know you should be protecting your vehicle too? In the same way UV rays penetrate our skin and cause damage, they can also... continue reading

Building Pride of Ownership: A Lesson For Everyone

For some people, the thought of sinking time and money into a project vehicle seems unnecessary when you could just buy a new one for the same price and less time. But there are priceless lessons that we learn when we get our hands dirty, start solving problems and become... continue reading

Preserving Aviation History

Traditionally, maintaining historical aircrafts has meant spending thousands of dollars in polish and even more man hours physically polishing each aircraft every 6 months to a year. The problem with that isn’t just the cost or investment of time—it’s the fact that each time a plane is polished, the historic... continue reading

Behind The Avenger: A John’s 360º Coatings Genesis Story

Our Avenger 2-part activated ceramic coating physically bonds to any surface, lasts longer than any other coating on the market, is premium quality and affordable. How did we get here? John Mosley, has been in the business of paint and body work his entire life. He grew up doing body... continue reading

Changing the Game: T6 Cleans Up and Stays Protected With John’s 360º Coatings

Aviator, William Otto, grew up in general aviation. Radial engines and tail wheels have always been a part of his life. After owning two Boeing Stearman biplanes, he stepped into the T6 game. Without John’s 360º Coatings, clean up after a longer flight would be messy, and extensive. Otto was... continue reading

The American Dream: Protected by John’s 360° Coatings

When you hear the words “American Dream” feelings of freedom, valor, strength and pride come to mind. That’s exactly what P-40 Warhawk, American Dream, of Warbird Adventures in Kissimmee, FL stands for. This outstanding aircraft was crashed, recovered, restored, and converted to a dual control 2-place airplane. It is the... continue reading