Creative Ways to Use Ceramic Coatings

When someone hears “ceramic coating” their thoughts immediately go to cars, trucks, maybe even airplanes. While The Avenger two-part activated ceramic coating is perfect for those uses, there are other creative ways people have used Avenger Kit. 
Dirt Bikes and Mountain Bikes 
Bikers kick up mud, dust and debris out on the trail and bring it home on the surface of their bikes and in their wheels. A clever John’s 360° Coatings customer, who happens to be a pro racer in the US, coated their bike in The Avenger to maintain the integrity and look of the bike. Dust, dirt and anything else just rinses off after each intense ride. 

Jet Skis
We already know The Avenger is great on boats — but we can’t forget other toys we use out on the water. Anything on the water is subject to harsh UV damage and sun bleaching. Keep your ski bright and keep water spots at bay when you ceramic coat it with The Avenger
Just like jet skis on the water, snow reflects harmful UV rays at your snowmobile. Keep it slick, and clean with a ceramic coating. Dirty snow and grime will slide right off. The surface will better resist scratches and paint destruction from rogue sticks or ice chunks that hit the sled when you’re out on a ride. 

Shower Walls 
This is a new one… A creative John’s 360° Coatings user thought to take The Avenger out of the garage and put it to work in the bathroom. To keep water spots, mildew, and hard water build-up at bay in the shower, this user applied The Avenger to their shower walls, shower head and faucets. Water runs off much easier and they don’t have to scrub to clean their shower every couple of weeks. 
WARNING: Please do not apply The Avenger or any John’s 360° Coatings products to your shower floor. They’re way too good a making surfaces shiny, smooth and slick — and slippery. 
Campers, Trailers and RVs
Polished airstreams are striking when you see them coming down the road. But when they are dirty, foggy and scuffed-up they just don’t seem as great. Keep things slick and shiny when you coat your trailer in The Avenger. We also know how difficult and time-consuming it is to clean the exterior of campers and RVs — keep cleaning time to a minimum when you have it ceramic coated. Dirt and dust just rinse right off. 
Grills and smokers
The exterior of our grills always get ignored. Keep them looking new season after season when you coat them in The Avenger. The coating is heat resistant and repels oil and grease with ease.
Guilty of having a scuffed up, or dirty toolbox in the garage? Get it cleaned up and coat it in The Avenger. Prevent those scuffs and scratches that previously seemed inevitable when using and storing tools. Dirt and dust easily wipe right off so your garage setup is always looking 100%.
Gym equipment
This is another creative idea. Most gym equipment is powder coated — but these scratch and chip away pretty easily. Once a chip has started it seems like the entire dumbbell or barbell is exposed in just a few uses. Protect the paint and powder coating on all of your equipment with The Avenger. Keep your home gym looking newer longer.  
Do you have any creative ideas for our two-part activated ceramic coating? Give it a try — John is always a call away if you have application questions. (He includes his number in every Avenger Kit!)Get The