Preserving Aviation History

Traditionally, maintaining historical aircrafts has meant spending thousands of dollars in polish and even more man hours physically polishing each aircraft every 6 months to a year. The problem with that isn’t just the cost or investment of time—it’s the fact that each time a plane is polished, the historic aircraft is being deteriorated.

Polishing removes weathered metal leaving behind a shiny polished look. At the cost of the integrity of pieces of aviation history. This is a problem Scott Glover, owner of Mid America Flight Museum, knows all too well.

Mid America Flight Museum is unique in the fact that their historic planes are flown on a regular basis. This means the aircrafts at the museum require a lot of body care and maintenance. Scott has even “worn out” planes because of polishing and regular, necessary care. Scott’s business was changed when he met John Mosely and was introduced to John’s 360º Coatings.

With John’s 360º Coatings Avenger 2-Part ceramic coating, rather than polishing on a regular basis, breaking down the surface of the plane, aircrafts only need to be polished ONCE before applying the product. The Avenger physically BONDS with the surface of the aircraft, unlike other products that just sit on top of it. This means it doesn’t wear or rub off like other sealants. It becomes part of the plane, and leaves the finish glossy, sleek and protected from the elements for years.

“John’s products are preserving aviation history. Planes that would normally be destroyed, will be around for generations to fly— thanks to John’s products. There really is nothing like it on the market. It is miraculous. Nothing compares.”— Scott Glover, Owner of MAFM

Scott knows first-hand how revolutionary John’s 360º Coatings truly are and is starting to use them on every plane at the museum. Switching to John’s products means more visitors, more flights, less man hours and less maintenance. An absolutely priceless return on investment.

Behind The Avenger: A John’s 360º Coatings Genesis Story

Our Avenger 2-part activated ceramic coating physically bonds to any surface, lasts longer than any other coating on the market, is premium quality and affordable. How did we get here?

John Mosley, has been in the business of paint and body work his entire life. He grew up doing body work and over time he had used just about every detailing product on the market. Waxes yellowed, sealants wore away, and water, dirt, oil and sun would eventually destroy his restoration and paint work.

Perfection is the root of this story. John couldn’t find the perfect products for the work he was doing. He recognized the gap in the market, especially for high-polished aircrafts or airstream trailers, and set out to create the absolute best ceramic coating that would protect and preserve the vehicles it would be applied to.

John worked with a team of chemists that used nanotechnology to create a 2-part activated ceramic coating that could be used to protect any vehicle — automotive, marine, or aircraft. The Avenger.

The key difference? The Avenger has to be activated. When you mix both parts, a chemical reaction occurs that produces a ceramic coating unlike any other.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Prep and clean your cars, boats, or planes.
  2. Apply The Avenger.
  3. Buff it off with a microfiber cloth.

That’s it. Prep, apply and buff off the excess. The product does the rest of the leg work as it cures and bonds to the surface of your vehicle — becoming a part of the finish, not just sitting on top of it. Once cured, your car, boat or plane will be shiny, glossy and, most importantly, protected from harsh elements, chemicals and UV rays — for years.

“After I applied The Avenger to my vehicle, when it got dirty all I had to do was hose it down or quickly wipe it down with a rag. Nothing sticks to it. It’s like touching glass!”
Mike M, Avenger customer

The Avenger is the top performing 2-part activated ceramic coating, and a revolutionary first in the world or aerospace protection.

“There is just nothing like it out there. Aviators and plane detailers are rejoicing for this time saving, money saving and aircraft saving product!”
Scott G, Owner of Mid America Flight Museum

John had such positive feedback and satisfaction with The Avenger, that he went on to create an entire line of professional detailing products that compliment and enhance the protection of The Avenger.