NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series

Saturday, October 12th, the NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series took place at the Talladega Superspeedway. Truck driver and Naval Lieutenant, Jesse Iwuji, with Reaume Brothers Racing joined up with John’s 360 Coatings to honor the Tuskegee Airmen with truck #34.

The truck’s design featured the signature red tails found on Tuskegee fighter airplanes in World War II. The Tuskegee-trained pilots are incredibly skilled and brave — there is no better fit to drive truck #34 than Jesse Iwuji.

As an active Lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve, Jesse Iwuji has proven his love for his country and his fighting spirit time and time again. It is important to Jesse to continue to serve and honor his country while he pursues his racing passions. Along with his many accomplishments on the track, Jesse has also received the honor of the NASCAR Diverse Driver of the Year Award twice.

The John’s 360º Coatings crew had the pleasure of working with Reaume Brothers and Jesse to design the truck’s red tail and of course coated the vehicle in Super Blue Speed Coat spray ceramic coating for a sleek finish that protects the vehicle’s surface in the high-intensity environment of the track.

Jesse and the Reaume Brother’s team had a clean, top 20 P19 finish at the race in Talladega with #34. John’s 360º Coatings is proud to sponsor such a hardworking and talented crew, that continues to honor this country.

Ask The Founder: John’s 360º Coatings Q & A

We asked our followers to submit questions for John’s 360º Coatings founder, John Mosley. John has answered the top questions to share a little more about John’s 360º Coatings products, uses, and how the Avenger came to be.

Q: What is the difference between ceramic coatings and a good wax?

A: I know that ceramic coating is the future. Technology has evolved to offer a greater alternative to wax that is more cost-effective and efficient. You can spend hours applying a proper wax coating every couple of months, but you still won’t get the results and protection of a ceramic coating that you only have to apply once every couple of years. Save yourself time and money and go with a ceramic coating.

Q: How did you come up with the Avenger?

A: I have a long history in body shop work, and I was unsatisfied with just about every product out there for coating and protecting vehicles and aircraft. Nothing was strong enough to truly protect the surface while still providing extreme shine and clarity.

So I found chemists experienced in polymers, resins, and ceramics. Together we worked to formulate a superior coating and went through relentless testing to develop the Avenger.

Q: How many cars does one Avenger kit cover?

A: We include enough product in one Avenger kit to cover 3 regular sedans or 2 full-sized pickups. If you’re only coating one vehicle, just be sure to mix smaller, equal amounts of the two-part coating at a time. Then always remember to clean out the applicator bottle after each use.

Q: Can I apply the ceramic coating myself?

A: Yes! We made this product so anyone can apply the Avenger kit themselves. Of course, a helping hand or two never hurts, as long as you follow the detailed instructions that come in the kit and refer to our application instructions page.

If you have any questions, give me a call! I include my personal business card in each kit so you can ask me any questions along the way. 

Q: Do your products work on motorcycles?

A: Our products work on a wide variety of vehicles. Cars, boats, planes, and motorcycles, of course — but also ATVs, RVs, trailers, fish houses, airstreams and more. If you’ve got a question about how our products can work for you, ask us here.

Q: What product should I start with if I’m not a professional

A: If you’re looking for something that is incredibly user-friendly and foolproof, try Super Blue Speed Coat spray ceramic coating or Mint Ceramic Waterless Carwash. These two products are multi-use and safe to use on all vehicles.

We appreciate your interest in our products and always happy to answer any questions you have before buying, while applying, and while maintaining. Reach out to us via our contact page, social media, or send us an email to